Here Am I

A photo-story by Jim Grover

In 1994, women were admitted to the priesthood of the Church of England for the first time; 25 years later, it is impossible to imagine life without them. 

Here Am I is a photographic celebration of this anniversary year, commissioned by the Bishop of Southwark, and created by award-winning photographer Jim Grover.

The photo-essay was created over an eight-month period in 2018 and 2019, during which time Jim documented the ministry of 12 women priests across Southwark Diocese, selected to represent their rich diversity of roles, backgrounds, experience and parishes (which range all the way from a Surrey country parish to a prison).

Jim also recorded in-depth interviews with the twelve subjects, covering their lives, their ministry, and their perspectives on women in the Church of England.  These will be available to read in the exhibition gallery, and illustrated with additional images.

The exhibition is part of a broader programme, created by Southwark Diocese, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of women’s ordination; you can discover further details here.